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Open World International School commits to create a dynamic and positive environment to favour learning and personal development. The school commits to offer a high standard of education in which languages play an important role in fostering open-mindedness, the understanding of international perspectives, development of creative thought and respect for others. The school commits to instilling human values in its pupils to respect the beliefs of others and to respect and take care of the environment.

The staff at Open World International School commit to maintaining the standard of education required by the school as well as adhering to its philosophy by teaching with enthusiasm and motivation and by having an open and creative mind. They commit themselves to participate in training courses to further both their professional and personal development skills. The staff commit to promoting listening and communication, and to creating a school environment characterised by trust, respect and tolerance between adults and children. The staff must encourage each pupil to fully develop their personality in order to become a responsable citizen.

The pupils commit to following the Pupil Charter, created by the pupils themselves at the start of each year with the help of their teacher.

The parents commit to respecting the rules of the school and to supporting their child(ren) in their school life (help with homework, hygiene, etc).

The Parents’ Association commit to enliven school life and to represent all of the parents.