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A Word from the Founding President

Let us trust our children and focus on their immense potential and not their limitations nor their shortcomings. Let us go beyond the curriculum and let us not shape ourselves to be what is considered ‘normal’. Let us dare to challenge the norm and let us instill courage and the desire to create and to dare in our children.

Our educational programme is based on the following fundamental elements :

- multilingual to offer a gateway to the world : Learning a foreign language from a very young age is a major asset in both professional and personal contexts.

- high academic standards and positive and encouraging methods. We encourage each child to achieve their full potential.

- a global approach. Our pupils learn not only how to use their mind but also their body and their heart ! The mind, heart, body approach allows us to go beyond academic knowledge by taking emotional and kinesthetic intelligence into account too. This approach increases concentration, application in a task, a taste for hard work and initiative-taking.

- demand and benevolence / discipline and freedom. There are of course rules at our school, but it is also a space of freedom which allows children to develop their creativity and become responsible. 

It is important to have a balance in everything. There is not one single method nor one single pedagogy. We are guided by good sense, a critical mind and our passion. The capabilities and the enthusiasm of our team, the sharing of the same values and the willingness to work and progress together are the key to our school’s success, in a welcoming and fulfilling framework for all.

Valérie Harlé d’Ophove