Secondary School

We structure the secondary school on the following principles :
  • academic excellence and rigorous bilingual programmes 
  • respecting the French State education programme and the international Cambridge University programme 
  • small class size with differentiated teaching methods 
  • positive pedagogic methods with a focus on independence and critical thinking 
  • an opening into languages and the world (bilingual French/English education ; LV2 Spanish or German from Year 7 on; LV3 Chinese (optional) from Year 7 on) 
  • a non-religious education, supported by an Ethics and Religious Culture programme
  • importance of artistic and sports activities 
  • an awareness of nature and the environment 
  • a responsible usage of digital networks and technology to understand and master IT 
  • preparation for French certificate (Brevet) and international certificates (Cambridge exams, IGCSE) 

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