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As an independent school and as soon as we step out of the traditional school system, we do not receive any financial aid from the State nor the local authorities. Without the help and generosity of our private donors and the various fund-raising activities we organise throughout the year, we could not accept the challenge of promoting academic freedom and different pedagogies.

Why support us ?

If you are for academic freedom :

Independent schools offer an alternative to what has become the standardised school system. In the absence of a total reform of State education, we can participate in an exterior reform by creating and supporting high-performing private schools. Independent schools offer a more solid guarantee of quality than other schools as their survival depends on the satisfaction of the parents.

If you support our pedagogical project :
  • A bilingual education (French/English) starting in nursery school and Chinese class from CP up. A language is a qualification! The ability to speak a foreign language is a major asset in both professional and personal situations.
  • Academic excellence and a positive, tiered pedagogy. We offer a standard of education that goes beyond the expectations set out by State education ; we evolve with the child and take his/her individual personality into account in order to create a desire to work hard and to work well.
If you share our philosophy :
  • We encourage critical and creative thinking so that our pupils can discover and carve their own place in the world. 
  • We stimulate the innate qualities in each child, notably curiosity and the desire to learn.
We have chosen an ambitious, independent school for our children but we need your support in order to offer this to as many children as possible. Thank you for your invaluable help !

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